Group Classes for all ages

Our baby swimming classes provide a gentle introduction to water and include progressive activities as babies become more confident. For parents, the underwater swimming is sometimes the highlight of the sessions but it is more important that babies are happy in the water.

Toddler classes encourage children to gain some independence from parents using aids. The structure of the class enforces the basic swimming practices and there are lots of fun activities to ensure children enjoy their classes. This prepares them for pre-school lessons (non-parent).

Pre-School lessons are available from age 3 years if pupils are confident in the water using aids. Whilst we go to a maximum of 6 pupils we start with 4 to ensure that they are all working well together. Pupils will spend some of the lesson without aids with the teacher if they are happy to.

Non-swimmers need to be independent using aids and ideally be happy to put their face in the water. If children are not confident or have a fear of being in the water they will need some private 1:1 lessons to get started.

Beginner lessons are where pupils are swimming 5-10m front paddle consistently. Teaching practices for all strokes will be introduced as will floating, sculling and sitting dives.

Improver lessons focus on the strokes and can progress to classes with timed swims, turns and finishes. Safety and survival skills will be included as will diving practices.

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