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General Guidelines on Lab Report Writing

It’s difficult… It’s challenging… It’s time-consuming…


Writing a lab report is essential for all laboratory courses. Also known as a scientific paper, it constitutes a major part of your grade. Present a remarkable job and your academic achievements will be noticed and properly appraised.

The main goal of a lab report is to persuade readers (other scientists) that your point of view – hypothesis – is right. Presenting newly found data and its transcription in the written form is the #1 priority of all lab reports.  

4 main goals of lab report writing

Here are the main objectives a researcher pursues in the process of lab report writing. All of them are crucial for a successful presentation and submission of your paper.

  • Depict the process of your experiment and explain what you did;
  • Make sure your laboratory report outstands the criticism
  • Bring up results and findings and present their interpretation;
  • Clear out what you learned and how it’s going to be useful;

NOTE: Those laboratory reports accepted by the academic community become a part of the scientific knowledge available for next generations. Thus, your research becomes a legacy which is the greatest appraisal for your work and efforts.

A standard format of lab reports

Students writing lab reports follow a standard plan. All in all, it includes 10 main parts. Here they are:

  1. Title Page
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Materials
  5. Methods
  6. Results
  7. Discussion
  8. Conclusion
  9. Graphs, Figures & Charts
  10. References

More details on each section you can get in the article on lab report structure . Also, we offer www.writemypapers.org the collection of best writing tips

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